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Warbirds Over Whiteside 2012

Welcome to the Whiteside County Airport Warbird Reunion! 

We plan a reunion of all types of warbirds – Trainers, Fighters, Bombers, Prop-planes, Jets, including but not limited to: T-6, T-28, T33, T34, B17, B24, B25, C47, C130, KC135, DC3, P51 Mustangs, F4 Corsair.  All are welcome and all will experience a weekend to remember!

Our community wants to show you and your aircraft a good time.  Our warbird reunion is planned for July 20th – 22nd to dovetail into the 2012 EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh.  For those on their way to EAA AirVenture, this can be regarded as a staging airport for them.

Our goal is to provide the visiting aircraft owners and crews with a celebration that will include substantially discounted fuel prices, discounted and convenient hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the hotels and nightly hangar parties.  We are already well on our way in the process. 

Warbirds over WhitesideIn 2010 we were fortunate to be chosen to host the 75th Reunion of the DC-3/C-47s here at the Whiteside County Airport (KSQI).  We made history!  The event was the largest gathering of those historic aircraft since the D-Day Invasion in June of 1944.  We are very proud of the success of that event, thrilled that we could be part of a new history for the aircraft and thankful that we could bring this type of event to their owners, crews and the people of the Rock River Valley.  We knew, if we took on the endeavor, we would work hard and be able to participate in a possible historic event.  What we didn't know is how wonderfully our community would respond.  We had a fantastic group of professionals and volunteers.  Some of them tolerated rain, hot sun, and/or long hours to show our guests to Whiteside County and the Rock River Valley a good time.

In addition to the activity generated by Warbirds Over Whiteside, the Whiteside County Airport will also host, that same weekend, a 40-ship fleet of Van's RV aircraft. During the weekend, these seasoned pilots will continue to perfect their formation flying through classroom training and flying. Their efforts will culminate in a 40-ship formation flight to AirVenture on Sunday. Three sorties will be flown on Saturday, and one on Sunday morning, demonstrating their 40-ship formations over the airport. The fleet will depart to Oshkosh at approximately noon



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